Canterbury Children's Center

Canterbury Children's Center Registration begins in January for the following school year (September- June). Registration forms are first distributed to parents whose children are already enrolled in the program. Additional forms are mailed out to interested parents.

All forms are returned with a non-refundable enrollment fee. Once the form and fee are returned, the child’s name is entered on a class list and the parent is so notified. A confirmation letter is mailed to parents.
Once the classes are filled, a waiting list is established.

In August, you will receive your September billing and additional paperwork. It is due upon receipt. If your child’s tuition payment is not received by the requested date your child’s name may be placed on a waiting list until payment is made.

Please Contact Us to request a registration form

Download an enrollment form and cover sheet

Our Policies

  1. Canterbury offers a scholarship for families who find themselves in financial need. All information is kept strictly confidential. It should be brought to the attention of the Director if and when a need occurs. Contributions to the scholarship fund are tax deductible and gladly accepted.
  2. Canterbury has a sliding scale of tuition fees based on income and need. Anyone who feels they qualify for reduced tuition fees must disclose all financial information to the Director who will then adjust the tuition accordingly.
  3. Canterbury participates in the Mass Jobs Voucher program. If you meet the requirements you may qualify for a voucher from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that will pay a larger percentage of the tuition. More information is available from the Director.
  4. Tuition payments that are overdue will be charged with a 1.5% interest rate per month with a $5 minimum. Families, whose accounts are in arrears one month or more, may be asked to withdraw their child from school.
  5. There is a 10% discount given for parents enrolling more than one child. The 10% discount will be given on the child with the lesser amount of tuition.
  6. There is a 5% discount for members of the Emmanuel Parish and there is a form that can be picked up in the Parish Office.
  7. No changes in the contract will be allowed after the April Billing.
  8. Questions about billing may be brought to the Director or the Bookkeeper.
  9. There will be a $25.00 fee for every schedule change
For more information regarding our policies, please download our Parent Handbook.

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